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The Process

Silk alone doesn’t create a saree. It takes unflinching commitment and a high level of creativity to weave heavenly creations out of silk. Each saree you find in Kalyan Silks symbolizes our commitment to bring you the very best. And each weave embodies the spirit of uncompromising craftsmanship. 

Today, Kalyan prides itself in a string of own looms across the country, where expert weavers work painstakingly to create breathtaking patterns and works in both traditional and contemporary styles. Behind each exquisite design is the intensive labour of up to five workers. And in a span of almost 30 days these artisans bring to life pure silk saris, which are woven to perfection even to the minutest detail.

Even the zari used in the sari is a mark of Kalyan’s commitment to bring you an unparalleled product. These pure and long-lasting zaris are made in the looms of Surat, and each zari goes through stringent quality checks before they are spun on saris. The quality check is done at the King’s Institute, a central government R&D facility at Chennai and the Gujarat Bullion Refinery at Ahmedabad. The zaris are made by spraying gold over intertwined silk threads and gold or silver wires. And what makes these zaris truly priceless is the fact that when melted even after years of use it will still fetch above 40% of its original price.

So, the next time you wear a Kalyan Silks creation, do remember that you are wearing the most eloquent expression in silk. Made exclusively for you.


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